How To Visit Almodovar del Rio Castle: Game of Thrones Castle Cordoba

Planning a visit to Almodovar del Rio Castle outside Cordoba Spain? Good decision! It’s one of the most epic castles in Andalucia and the location couldn’t be any better.

I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, so I don’t have any references, but my fiancée is a big fan of the series and loved recognizing all the scenes filmed there. Personally, without any GOT reference, I LOVED it just as much!

We’ve both stayed in Almodovar del Rio town and visited Almodovar Castle from Cordoba, so I’ll cover everything you need to know in this post from how to get there and how to get tickets, to what to expect from the castle visit.

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Me looking out at Almodovar del Rio Castle.

How to get to Almodovar Castle

Almodovar del Rio Castle is located in the village of Almodovar del Rio about half an hour’s drive west from Cordoba.

You can also take the bus M-250 (Cordoba-Posadas) which stops in Almodovar del Rio. Buses go regularly back and forth during the day, so it’s an easy trip and the town is nice to see while you’re there. Check the timetable here.

From Seville, it’s 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive to Almodovar del Rio. For convenience, take this guided tour from Seville which includes both Almodovar Castle and Cordoba City.

Views of Almodovar castle game of thrones filming site

If you choose to stay in Almodovar del Rio, I’ll be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to do there, but you can easily spend a day exploring the village, its museums, and go for a walk along the river where you’ll find some old Roman remains.

With a car, you can also visit the magnificent La Breña Lake nearby, which I think is one of the most beautiful lakes in Andalucia.

Views of Almodovar del Rio from the castle

Where to park at Almodovar Castle

If you drive, your biggest worry is probably parking. There’s a big parking space below the castle where you can park for free during the castle’s opening hours.

There’s a gate that closes during the castle’s closing hours, so you gotta make sure you reach back down before it closes so you don’t risk that your car remains inside.

We did see it open during siesta time a couple of times, but the lady in the ticket booth was very clear about the importance of getting down asap so we didn’t get locked in.

Parking area below Almodovar castle

There’s also space for a handful of cars outside the castle entrance, saving you the walk up the hill. If you arrive early, you might be able to snitch a spot there, or if you go off-season like we did last time.

Note that you can’t drive all the way up on weekends and bank holidays, but there’s a minibus service for €1 (cash only.)

That said, the walk up to the castle is beautiful and you can either stroll along the road or walk on trails.

Castillo Almodovar del Rio

How to get tickets for Almodovar del Rio Castle

Getting tickets for Almodovar del Rio Castle is easy both on-site and online. You can purchase tickets directly by card and cash at the ticket office at the entrance of the castle.

There might be queues in the high season, so I highly recommend booking online to skip the line. The first time I went, I arrived 55 minutes before closing time and they had already closed the till so I couldn’t get a ticket.

If this had been my only opportunity to visit Almodovar Castle, I’d been pretty bummed as 55 minutes is more than enough to see the castle if it’s all the time you’ve got. With an online ticket, I’d be able to get inside.

That’s why I recommend getting your tickets in advance to avoid any hassle. I use Tiqets for booking in advance as they offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before which is great in case something should come up. Besides, the price is the same as it is if you buy at the door and you’ll have access to your ticket in their app.

A courtyards in Castillo de Almodovar Cordoba

Almodovar del Rio Castle opening hours

When visiting Almodovar Castle, Cordoba Spain, that last word is key. Spain. Equals siesta. It’s so annoying to get to the entrance just to realize that there’s siesta time and the castle closes for an hour and a half before you can try again (Yes, that still happens to me all the time even after 12 years in Spain).

Make sure you plan it well, here are the opening times.

Monday-Friday: 11:00-14:30 and 16:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday: 11:00-19:00

*Last entrance 1 hour before closing time

Views out of medieval windows in Almodovar Castle of one of the towers and countryside views

Brief history of Almodovar del Rio Castle

Almodovar del Rio Castle dates back to the year 740 when it was a Moorish fortress. But it was a Roman stronghold before that.

Over the centuries, the castle has witnessed numerous battles, sieges, and transformations, reflecting the shifting powers in medieval Spain between Moors and Christians especially. But it fell into despair and was abandoned for centuries.

Almodovar views

A major restoration project took place in the mid-20th century, aiming to preserve and rehabilitate the castle’s structure and historical significance with a blend of Arab and Christian architecture.

In 2001, the castle opened as a tourist attraction and event space for weddings. It’s now one of the best-preserved castles in Spain and you feel like a true queen (or king) walking the castle walls and looking out of its towers.

views of Almodovar castle from one of the watch towers.

Game of Thrones filming in Castillo de Almodovar Cordoba

In 2017, scenes of the 7th season of Game of Thrones were filmed in Castillo de Almodovar Cordoba. It was used for two different locations in the series.

Firstly, the castle was the Kingdom of House Tyrell, Highgarden. Secondly, the castle’s dungeons belonged to the Kingdom of Casterly Rock.

Mohammed couldn’t stop pointing out places as we walked through the castle and it’s all so well preserved so it truly feels like you walk into medieval times.

Views of a watchtower and countryside surrounding Almodovar castle Cordoba Spain

Visiting Almodovar del Rio Castle Cordoba

When you first enter Almodovar del Rio Castle you’ll immediately feel like you’re transported back to medieval times. The different courtyards, towers, and castle walls are so well-preserved.

You get a map of the castle at the entrance and there are plenty of information signs as you walk through it so you’ll learn about the castle’s history and the scenes from Game of Thrones as you wander through it.

Swords in Almodovar castle

Besides, there are films to watch, and items that have been donated by the Game of Thrones filming crew are exhibited in some rooms and towers.

I was especially fascinated by a collection of swords from different countries and eras that are located on one of the castle walls.

You can walk up the towers and down the dungeons, so get ready to work your legs. And did I mention the sweeping views of Almodovar del Rio and the surrounding countryside?

Me looking at the views from a watch tower in Almodovar castle Spain

Reflections on visiting Almodovar del Rio Castle Cordoba Spain

Summing up a visit to Cordoba’s castle of Game of Thrones, it’s truly worth it! It’s so well preserved that you really feel like you’re transported into medieval times.

It’s easy to visit Almodovar del Rio Castle from Cordoba making it a must to add to your itinerary as long as you spend more than 2 days in Cordoba.

Happy travels!