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The Ultimate Guide to Calahonda: Granada’s Hidden Jewel

Granada Calahonda

Not many places steal your heart like Calahonda. Granada’s Costa Tropical boasts glittering turquoise water with visibility that reminds me of the Caribbean. The pebbly beaches make the water crystal clear and Granada’s Calahonda beach town happens to be located right next to a steep cliffside with caves and secluded beaches making it the ideal […]

Riotinto Huelva: How to see the unique red river in Spain

Rio Tinto Huelva

One of Andalucia’s best-kept secrets is the unique red river in Spain. Running 100 kilometers from Sierra Morena through the Huelva Province, it mouths out in the Atlantic Ocean by Huelva and Cadiz. The river flows through the old mining settlement of Minas de Rio Tinto where minerals and iron have been extracted from the […]

10 Bewildering hidden gems: Andalucia off the beaten path

Andalucia hidden gems - Genalguacil

When it comes to hidden gems, Andalucia has quite a few of them as most travelers head to the same destinations exploring popular Andalusian cities like Seville and Malaga or heading to coastal towns like Nerja and Fuengirola on Costa del Sol. Nonetheless, even the lesser popular destinations like Cazorla, Cadiz, and Aracena are starting […]

The best hidden gems in Cadiz Spain that you didn’t know about!

Cadiz hidden gem

Cadiz has long been one of my favorite cities in Andalucia. I’ve spent time there with locals, partied at the carnival, surfed the Atlantic waves, and relaxed on the windswept Cadiz beaches. I’ve also covered all the top things to do in Cadiz as a tourist, like visiting the cathedral, climbing the Tavira tower, and […]