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The best hidden gems in Cadiz Spain that you didn’t know about!

Cadiz hidden gem

Cadiz has long been one of my favorite cities in Andalucia. I’ve spent time there with locals, partied at the carnival, surfed the Atlantic waves, and relaxed on the windswept Cadiz beaches. I’ve also covered all the top things to do in Cadiz as a tourist, like visiting the cathedral, climbing the Tavira tower, and […]

Exactly how to spend one day in Cadiz itinerary

Cadiz one day - View from Tavira Tower

You have exactly one day in Cadiz, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the west of Europe. Andalucia’s rising star is slowly gaining international recognition and is a fairly recent cruise destination. One of Andalucia’s most beautiful cities and a destination that gives you a true Andalusian feel. Jam-packed with historical remains, an imposing cathedral, […]

The 14 best cities in Andalucia to visit

cities in Andalucia

The south of Spain is mainly famous for its incredibly charming Andalusian white villages and a few cities like Seville, Malaga, and Granada. But there are a whole lot of other beautiful cities in Andalucia worth a visit. Jam-packed with history, Andalucia is a melting pot of different cultures from the Visigoths, Romans, and the […]

Summer in Andalucia: 10 Coolest beach towns in southern Spain

Best coastal towns Andalucia - San Jose

Andalucia is the perfect summer destination and you might struggle to find the perfect southern Spain beach town to spend your holidays. After living in the area for years, I have picked out the coolest beach towns in southern Spain and put them in one post so that you easily can start planning your vacation. […]

The 10 most spectacular beaches in Cadiz, Spain, that you have to visit!

Valdevaqueros beach in Cadiz beaches

The beaches in Cadiz, Spain, are any adventure traveler’s favorites! Wild and untamed by all the wind that hits the Atlantic Ocean, perfect for any water sports like surfing, kite surfing, and windsurfing. On quieter days, the paddleboards come out and the beaches are freckled with people sunbathing and taking walks. Some beaches are situated […]