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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Torrenueva Granada Spain

Me walking across the 60-meter long hanging bridge over the Mediterranean in Torrenueva Granada Spain

Looking for a different destination in southern Spain for your next vacation? Torrenueva, Granada Spain is a fabulous beach town home to the first suspension bridge in Spain that crosses the Mediterranean. This was what drew us to this little jewel in the first place, and I must say we were positively surprised by the […]

Skiing in Sierra Nevada Spain: Everything You Need To Know

skiing in Sierra Nevada Spain

Skiing in Sierra Nevada Spain is one of the most thrilling things to do in Andalucia in winter. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or it’s your first time, Pradollano, Sierra Nevada has something to offer. The Sierra Nevada ski slopes run down Veleta Peak, the second highest in Sierra Nevada National Park at 3398 masl. […]

10 Reasons to Visit Granada in Winter (+Travel Tips!)

Granada in winter

Visiting Granada Spain in winter is very different from other Andalusian cities, especially because the temperatures are way colder than for example in Malaga or Marbella in Costa del Sol. Yet, there are many reasons to visit Granada in winter. The cool temperatures give a special touch to the cobbled streets in the historical center, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Calahonda: Granada’s Hidden Jewel

Granada Calahonda

Not many places steal your heart like Calahonda. Granada’s Costa Tropical boasts glittering turquoise water with visibility that reminds me of the Caribbean. The pebbly beaches make the water crystal clear and Granada’s Calahonda beach town happens to be located right next to a steep cliffside with caves and secluded beaches making it the ideal […]

The 7 Most Astounding Lakes in Andalucia That You Must See!

Andalucia Lakes - Embalse La Breña

There is a wealth of picturesque lakes in Andalucia which makes for perfect getaways on hot summer days to cool down in fresh water. As I usually have dogs in tow, a great way to beat the heat in summer is to hit the lakes as dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches in Andalucia in […]

Where to Stay in Granada Spain: Best Area for Every Type of Traveler

best areas to stay in Granada Spain

When visiting the historic city of Granada in southern Spain, there is so much to consider and so many incredible sights to plan for so that you get the most out of your visit, including sorting out the accommodation. I am here to help you sort out the most important part, where to stay in […]

10+ Bewildering hidden gems: Andalucia off the beaten path

Andalucia hidden gems - Genalguacil

When it comes to hidden gems, Andalucia has quite a few of them as most travelers head to the same destinations exploring popular Andalusian cities like Seville and Malaga or heading to coastal towns like Nerja and Fuengirola on Costa del Sol. Nonetheless, even the lesser popular destinations like Cazorla, Cadiz, and Aracena are starting […]

The 14 best cities in Andalucia to visit

cities in Andalucia

The south of Spain is mainly famous for its incredibly charming Andalusian white villages and a few cities like Seville, Malaga, and Granada. But there are a whole lot of other beautiful cities in Andalucia worth a visit. Jam-packed with history, Andalucia is a melting pot of different cultures from the Visigoths, Romans, and the […]