30 Best Things To Do in Ronda Spain

Looking for the best things to do in Ronda Spain? Look no further. I’ve spent considerable time in Ronda – not only on day trips! Over the years, I’ve explored thoroughly what to do in Ronda, especially on my last trip where we spent several weeks in the whitewashed town.

Ronda is so much more than the famous New Bridge connecting the old and new sides of the gorge. The dramatic ravine is surely worth seeing, but most people visit Ronda in a day or even just a few hours which means they miss out on so much!

There are so many reasons to visit Ronda for a longer time. There are several museums, majestic palaces, and not to mention the Arab Baths and other Moorish remains worth seeing among Ronda’s attractions.

It’s not without reason that Ronda is rated one of the best whitewashed towns in Andalucia! Read on to know more about what to do in Ronda Spain!

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Best things to do in Ronda Spain

Take a picture from the New Bridge Viewpoint

One of the first things to see in Ronda Spain is the classical view of the New Bridge. Head down to the viewpoint and snap a picture. Trust me, it’s just as majestic in real life as it looks in pictures.

I’ve been to Ronda countless times and never get sick of this view – and yes, I go down there every time.

Me looking at the views of the New Bridge. This is a must see in Ronda Spain.

Visit the Arab Baths

The Arab Baths in Ronda date back to the 13th-14th centuries and is one of the places to visit in Ronda that leaves you breathless. At least if you’re a sucker for history and archaeological finds.

The remains are well preserved and though the first room of the baths doesn’t have a roof, the most impressive are the interior rooms.

The most picturesque room is where the arches hold up the ceiling and star-shaped holes in the ceiling let in natural light.

Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturdays-Sundays + public holidays 10:00-15:00

Arab baths Ronda

Cross Puente Nuevo (New Bridge)

Crossing the New Bridge is an adventure in itself. The views are breathtaking in both directions so I recommend crossing the bridge (safely) at some point so you can enjoy the views into the gorge as well as out towards the countryside.

I absolutely love the views of the gorge and how the rocks form through the ravine in this area. There’s a nice viewpoint too at the end of the bridge.

Beautiful views of El Tajo Gorge with green plants growing up the vertical mountins walls is one of the main Ronda toruist attractions

Kick back in Jardines De Cuenca

Jardines de Cuenca span along the top of the gorge and boast spectacular views of the ravine. It’s a great place to go for a stroll or just kick back and relax among plants and flowers.

At the top of the gardens, you get epic views of the New Bridge from the backside. You also see the Casa del Rey Moro balancing on the edge of the gorge wall on the other side.

Sightseeing in Ronda Spain along the Jardines de Cuenca gardens where stoney pathways lead to several viewpoints overlooking the unterior of El Tajo Gorge.

Walk through Arco de Felipe V

walking down to the old bridge, you’ll pass under the beautiful stone arch of Arco de Felipe V. It was built in the 18th century as the main entrance to the city after the old Moorish gate collapsed.

This particular corner with the winding cobbled street leading through this old arch is one of my favorite places in Ronda. It really makes you feel like you’re in a medieval town.

Me strolling through an old stone arch on a cobbled street which is one of the best things to do in Ronda Spain

Stay the night in Parador de Ronda

Parador de Ronda is one of the best places to stay in Ronda. Paradores in Spain are historical buildings turned into tourist accommodations.

This particular building used to be the Town Hall in the 1700s and Ernest Hemingway used to live there and write. How cool is that?

Besides, the Parador is located on the edge of the New Bridge, so the views are unmatched.

Parador de Ronda seen from the other side of teh New Bridge.

Visit the gardens of Casa del Rey Moro

Casa del Rey Moro is a palace from the 18th century that sits on the edge of El Tajo Gorge. You can’t visit the palace itself, but the gardens are really nice with a resident peacock. The views of the Old Bridge and gorge are spectacular.

Besides, you can walk down the water mine under the building. The Moorish architecture inside is impressive and you get all the way down to the water level of the gorge.

It’s really cool, but if you have bad knees, you should reconsider as there are many steps and some are slippery due to water dripping inside.

A blue peakock walking through Casa del Rey Moro garden

Drink wine from Serrania de Ronda

Serrania de Ronda is known for its exquisite wines. The high altitude of Ronda’s vineyards gives the wines a bold taste and I absolutely adore them!

You can go on a wine-tasting tour of Ronda’s vineyards or sit down at one of the local bars in Ronda to enjoy a glass or two with some delicious tapas.

places to visit in Ronda Spain

Get to the bottom of El Tajo Gorge

Experiencing El Tajo Gorge from below is truly magical. It used to be possible to walk a narrow hiking trail along the gorge wall from the viewpoint in front of the New Bridge to walk below the bridge and into the gorge.

This trail has been closed off the last couple of times I’ve been to Ronda – and maybe it was a bit dodgy, I’m just very curious and can’t keep my feet off any hiking trail so obviously I roamed around there a lot when it was possible.

But if it stays closed, you can still get down to the bottom of the gorge by visiting Casa del Rey Moro and walking down the steps inside the mountain as mentioned above.

I highly recommend it, as it’s something completely different and most tourists don’t even make it down there!

Ronda things to do - The bottom of El Tajo Gorge where the town reflects in the water

Take in the views at Mirador de Ronda

Mirador de Ronda is a popular viewing platform overlooking the countryside and mountains, but also the other side of El Tajo Gorge. When you come by bus or train, you’ll most likely come down by the bullring and straight to the viewpoint through a little park.

This is a vibrant part of Ronda where you often find small stalls selling handmade jewelry and buskers playing music. From the viewpoint, walk the Ernest Hemingway Walk to the New Bridge where you’ll have constant views.

Me and my dog enjoying the views ffrom Mirador de Ronda towards the town and the mouth of the gorge.

Cross Puente Viejo

Puente Viejo is the bridge in the middle of the three bridges connecting the Tajo Gorge. It’s basically at the bottom of the gorge and you get beautiful views up the ravine.

It also connects with Cuenca Gardens where you get a great view of the one-eyed bridge itself.

People crossing the old bridge on their way to other fun things to do in Ronda

Step inside Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Socorro

This parish church was built in the 1950s after the old church that stood there was destroyed in the civil war.

Yet, it’s a beautiful church to go inside and well worth visiting. It’s located on Plaza del Socorro which you can see from the main shopping street in Ronda, so it’s an easy diversion.

I’ve always been drawn to this square to take pictures and it’s a great place to grab a drink or something to eat while looking at one of Ronda’s top attractions.

a quaint square with a fountain in front of a white and yellow church with two towers - what to see in Ronda Spain

Visit Museo Lara

When considering things to do, Ronda Spain is nothing short of museums. One of my top choices is the House Museum Casa Lara.

Inside, you’ll find a massive collection of different items from weapons, carriages, and clocks from the 18th-19th centuries to scientific instruments.

There’s also a photography museum inside which is interesting with old photography gear (at least if you’re slightly interested in photography like me!)

An old wagon in a courtyars in Casa Lara House Museum - Places to visit in Ronda

Admire the Santa Cecilia Church

Another beautiful church worth stopping by is the Santa Cecilia Church. Especially the facade on the side (pictured below) has always drawn my attention.

But also the Plaza de los Descalzos where it’s located is a nice square with refreshing fountains and trees giving shade to take a break from walking.

A beautiful church facade in stone - Ronda things to do.

Stroll aimlessly through the old town

This is one of my favorite things to do in Ronda Spain mainly because there’s so much beautiful architecture everywhere.

Give yourself time to take in everything around you and you might find some hidden gems around the next corner.

people strolling through a narrow street in Ronda Old Town which is one of the best things to do Ronda Spain

Go shopping in Carrera Espinel “Calle La Bola”

Shopping in Ronda is always a great idea. Carrera Espinel also known as “Calle La Bola” is the main pedestrian shopping street and a must-see in Ronda Spain.

You’ll most likely walk through it whether you come by train or drive as the most convenient parking in Ronda is located on the top of the street.

There’s a good mix of popular clothing brands and niche shops. Restaurants and cafés are scattered in between whenever you’re in need of a break.

shopping street Ronda Spain at sunset

Look for street art

Most Ronda things to do lists don’t mention street art, but trust me, there are some pretty cool artwork around if you just look for it.

If you come by bus, you’ve already seen the two most photographed pieces of colorful women overlooking the bus station.

two colorful murals of women with flowers and abstract figures.

Take a picture of the Town Hall

Ronda’s Town Hall is a beautiful building on Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, next to the Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor.

It was built in the 17th century and recognized by the large arched windows.

Ronda top attractions - Old Town Hall

Visit Iglesia del Espíritu Santo

A bit out of the trodden tourist trail, you’ll find one of the ancient attractions in Ronda Spain, the Espiritu Santo Church.

I love the exterior look of this church with the mountainous backdrop. Inside, it’s very plain, yet spiritual. I find it’s worth taking the detour to see it if you have more than a day in the town.

A monastery with mountains as a backdrop - free things to do in Ronda Spain

Puerta de Almocábar

If you spend a few days in Ronda Spain, things to do are plentiful and a great place to visit is the old city gate Puerta de Almocábar.

Not only is it cool to see the old gate where Ferdinand and Isabel entered the city during the reconquest, but you can walk on the city walls too.

Puerta de Almocábar in Ronda

Visit Casa Palacio Nazarí “El Gigante”

This small palace is the best-preserved example of Nazari architecture. The 13th-century Moorish-style house has a beautiful courtyard with orange trees and is worth a visit during your Ronda trip.

Inside the house museum, there are intricate decorations on walls and arches which are really beautiful.

Me and my dog in a lovely patio with orange trees which is one of the wonderful things to see in Ronda Spain

Visit Casa Don Bosco

This modernist palatial house was built in the early 20th century. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Ronda Spain, I highly recommend visiting.

The tilework is beautiful and the wooden furniture. But most of all, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of Serrania de Ronda from its epic position on top of the cliff.

Visiting Casa don Bosto in Ronda Spain. Things to do in the house museums like walking through the rooms of old furniture and tiled walls and paintings.

Visit the Mondragón Palace

The magnificent Mondragon Palace is the perfect example of what to see in Ronda Spain to learn more about the city’s history.

Constructed during the 14th century under Moorish rule, the palace is one of Ronda’s most remarkable historic structures.

The palace is now a municipal museum where you can delve into Ronda’s local history, archaeology, and prehistoric discoveries. The patios and gardens are especially beautiful with elaborate fountains and well-groomed plants.

Mondragón Palace

See the almond blossoms

Ronda is a fabulous place to see the almond blossoms that cover the Serrania de Ronda around late February to early March.

You can take in the views from Mirador de Ronda or walk amongst the almond trees on the path down to the viewpoint of the New Bridge.

Almond blossoms in Ronda

Visit Santuario de María Auxiliadora

Santuario de María Auxiliadora is another of Ronda’s beautiful churches. I love the interior as it’s one of the most unique churches I’ve been.

The paintings on the walls are truly unique and depict both the town of Ronda and spiritual happenings. It kind of reminded me of a church I visited in Bulgaria a few years back.

Beautiful wall paintings of religious happenings inside a church with a golden altarpiece - Unique things to do in Ronda Spain

Walk along the Moorish city walls

Going for a stroll along the 13th-century Moorish city walls is one of the great free things to do in Ronda Spain. There are also sections where you can walk on top of them and up to the watch towers and the views are spectacular.

You can easily get to the city walls from the Arab Baths or walk across the square and down the stairs from the St Mary Major Church.

Old Moorish walls in Ronda

Admire Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra

The Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra is a beautiful palace across the street from Casa del Rey Moro. The 18th-century Baroque facade is stunning.

It can’t be visited inside, but you can visit the small museum which exhibits Renaissance art and artifacts.

an ornate entrance of a palace which is one of the top attractions in Ronda Spain

Visit Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor

Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor was built after the reconquest on the place of the city’s mosque. You can still see features from the mosque like the minaret which is converted into a clock tower and the arches holding wooden balconies up on the facade.

Its interior is grand and you can climb up the clock tower for sweeping city views for only a few euros which I think is totally worth it!

What to do in Ronda Spain - a large square with palm trees and a large church with a mix or Christian and Moorish features

See Iglesia de Padre Jesús

This is a church that has always attracted me but I’ve never entered, but I love the outside. It’s located right across the Old Bridge when you enter the new part of the town.

I especially love the Ocho Caños fountain in front of the church and there’s a beautiful statue of a gypsy woman, Aniya la Gitana, next to the entrance.

Ronda attractions - Iglesia de Padre Jesús

See the oldest bullring in Spain from the outside

Ronda is home to the oldest stone bullring in Spain and it’s by far one of the most popular of Ronda’s tourist attractions. Yet, I don’t recommend going inside as the bullring is still in use today.

By purchasing a ticket to see the bullring inside, you indirectly support animal cruelty – which I’m personally not a big fan of.

The bullring is easily accessible to see from the outside.

Ronda Bullring

Reflections on what to do in Ronda Spain

Summing up the best things to do in Ronda Spain, there’s a whole heap of exciting places to discover in this small mountain town.

I’ve had a hot spot for Ronda since I visited the first time in 2003 and I still haven’t talked to anyone that hasn’t loved visiting it. There are endless places to visit in Ronda Spain that are historical and beautiful. Every corner offers a different charm, beautiful architecture, or a mountainous backdrop.

If you’re looking for things to do near Ronda Spain, head to Cueva del Gato, the Roman Ruins of Acinipo, or check out the beautiful white villages near Ronda.

Happy travels!