13 Best Beaches Close to Seville (Because No, There are No Beaches In Seville)

When planning your Andalucia vacation for the summer months, it’s important to know there are no beaches in Seville.

That said, we’re talking about one of the hottest cities in southern Spain in summer together with Cordoba, so if you plan to go, you need to locate where to find beaches close to Seville Spain.

Lucky for you, I’ve lived in Seville, and it’s been like a second home for me ever since. So when it comes to the best beaches near Seville from a local’s point of view, I won’t disappoint.

This post includes all my favorite beaches near Seville, but take note that some of them are best reached by car as public transport can take too long a time to make it worth a day trip to the beach.

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Best beaches close to Seville Spain


Matalascañas is the nearest beach to Seville and is easily reached by bus from Plaza de Armas. This is a fantastic urban beach. Seville’s summer heat is easily fended off by taking the morning bus to Matalascañas and spending the day relaxing on the beach.

I used to do this every day I had off in the warmer months when I studied in Seville. Beach bars and restaurants will keep your belly happy and active beachgoers can rent paddle boards or go for a stroll along the 4-kilometer-long promenade to stay entertained.

Further ahead, away from the town, the beach becomes more remote as you get closer to the dunes. With this, there are fewer facilities and you’ll feel’ll be more in sync with nature.

Matalascañas beach down a set of wooden stairs. This is one of the best beaches close to Seville Spain

Los Caños de Meca

Los Caños de Meca is truly one of my favorite beaches in Andalucia. Even though it’s not the closest beach to Seville Spain, it is one of the most popular among the locals to go for the weekend.

The sand-swept beach is located next to the historic Faro de Trafalgar and the lovely pine forest of La Breña y Marismas del Barbate Natural Park where you can enjoy sweeping views from the cliffs.

But the best about Los Caños de Meca Beach is that it’s flanked by sand dunes making it look wild and beautiful!

Los Caños de Meca is one of the bohemian places on Costa de la Luz that has become extremely popular – but mainly with Spanish tourism.

There are no facilities on the beach itself, but you find a handful of vibrant beach bars next to the beach and you’ll likely come across local artists selling handicrafts and busking.

Los Caños de Meca beach with beautiful sand dunes, one of the Best beaches near Seville Spain

Punta Umbria Beach

Punta Umbria in Huelva is one of the most vibrant beach towns in Andalucia with a lot happening in the summer months. Many locals in Seville will agree that Punta Umbria is one of the absolute best beach resorts near Seville.

The beach is full of hip beach bars with live DJs and all the amenities you might need from sunbeds to showers and toilets.

It’s a long beach with fine sand and a short walk into the town. Personally, I’m more of a fan of remote beaches than urban ones, but Punta Umbria Beach has it all.

So if you’re like me and prefer some privacy, just walk a bit up the beach and you’ll get to a stretch of beach that is protected by sand dunes.

A wooden walkway covered in sand on the way to the beach in one of the best beach resorts near Seville Spain

La Caleta Beach (Cadiz)

Cadiz city holds some of the best beaches in Seville’s surroundings with La Caleta Beach being a top choice.

Not only is it one of the easiest beaches close to Seville to reach by public transport, but it’s also a seriously pretty urban beach.

With all the necessary beach facilities, it sits right between two of Cadiz’s most prominent tourist attractions, Santa Catalina Castle and San Sebastian Castle.

On the beach itself, you find the picturesque former Spa of Our Lady of La Palma and Real which provides natural shade if you don’t have a parasol.

The central location of La Caleta Beach makes it a great beach to combine with a day in Cadiz exploring the city too.

Sunset at La Caleta beach which is the Best beach near Seville for anyone travelin gby public transport.

Playa de los Batales (Conil de la Frontera)

Another great urban beach near Seville is Playa de los Batales in Conil de la Frontera. What I love about this beach is that it has direct access to the quaint beach town, yet you need to walk on wooden walkways across the dunes to reach it.

This gives it a natural feel as if you’re not actually right off a beach town but you have all the facilities you need at the beach with Chiringuitos (beach bars), toilets, showers, and lifeguards. You can also rent parasols and sunbeds on the beach.

If you don’t drive, you can get to Conil de la Frontera in 1 hour and 45 minutes by bus from Prado San Sebastian in Seville.

Views of a large beach near Seville Spain, Conil de la Frontera beach, with people sunbathing.

Calas de Roche

With a car, your options for reaching epic beaches from Seville increase manifold. Calas de Roche is a series of impressive beaches close to Seville that are reached by car.

These remote beaches are basically set in small coves at the bottom of the cliffs near Conil de la Frontera. To reach them you must park along the road in dedicated pockets and walk through a small pine forest before you get to the top of the cliffs.

There, you’ll find steep sets of stairs taking you down to the different coves. Calas de Roche is truly a local secret, but there are a lot of locals, so be prepared to share the beaches with others!

Due to their remote location, there are no facilities on the beaches but you can expect to pay for parking in the high season.

Best beaches Seville - Calas de Roche beach on the bottom of a cliff

El Palmar beach

If you haven’t been to El Palmar in the summer, you should add it to your bucket list. It’s basically a strip -along the 7-kilometer-long beach with low-rise beach houses and lively beach bars and restaurants.

I’ve been there plenty with my friends from Seville and it’s got its own vibe. The beach is absolutely stunning with wooden walkways across the dunes to reach the beach.

El Palmar Beach is still a local-type beach without any facilities so bring your parasol and cooler with food and beers like the Spanish do and enjoy a fabulous day in the sun.

Beaches in Seville Spain - El Palmar beach

Playa Santa Maria del Mar (Cadiz)

As mentioned before, Cadiz is the easiest destination to reach by public transport from Seville. One of my top picks among the beaches in Cadiz is Playa Santa Maria del Mar, located east of Cadiz Cathedral.

It is one of the most popular beaches to surf in the city and is easily reached by foot from the historic center.

There’s a great chiringuito where you can enjoy drinks and food and they have rental of parasols and sunbeds where you can lounge for the day.

Best beaches in Seville - Playa Santa Maria del Mar

Playa de los Alemanes

Playa de los Alemanes has adopted its name (Beach of the Germans) after the many Germans who settled in the area in the 1940s after the beach was used for surveillance and supply for German ships during World War II.

Today, the beach is protected by multiple luxury villas but despite what you might think, there are no amenities on the beach so you must bring your own shade, food, and drinks.

The beach is stunning and at the end, you can walk to the Camarinal Lighthouse for breathtaking views of the beach. You can reach the beach by car and park along the road above the beach.

sunset at a beach close to Seville with a lighthouse on top of a cliff at the end.

Bolonia beach

The mesmerizing Bolonia Beach might not exactly be a beach close to Seville, but close enough that it’s worth mentioning. Because this is a truly epic beach!

It’s one of the most popular beaches in Tarifa which is just over a 2-hour drive from Seville. It’s most famous for the majestic dune of Sahara sand that has blown across the strait of Gibraltar from Africa cascading onto the beach.

But besides being an incredibly picturesque beach, you can visit the ancient ruins of a Roman village right on the beach.

The side of the dune is the wilder side of the beach and my favorite. But heading the other way, you find a few beach bars and even SUP rental and windsurfing.

While Bolonia Beach used to be one of the best-hidden gems in Andalucia, the secret has been spilled and its popularity is growing with each year that passes.

I still think it’s worth going there and the advantage of being a large beach is you’ll always find a spot that’s less crowded if that’s what you seek.

Bolonia Beach with a big sand dune cascading down to the beach is the best beach near Seville.

La Bota beach

La Bota Beach is the best beach near Seville for anyone looking for a remote, sandy experience. This is one of my absolute favorite beaches in Huelva due to its remote feeling even in the high season.

It’s located near Punta Umbria so you can take the bus there and either take a local bus towards El Rompido or go for a nice walk. If you drive, you must park along the pine forest or in any of the small parking pockets.

The beach is long enough to have different sections – with sunbeds, parasols, and Chiringuitos as well as areas that feel wild and remote (spoiler: those are the sections I enjoy the most!)

does Seville have a beach - La Bota beach in Punta Umbria

El Rompido Beach

El Rompido Beach is located at a 20-minute drive west of Punta Umbria and is the main beach or the charming fishing village of the same name.

While the beach itself isn’t the prettiest of beaches around Seville, it belongs to a really cute little town overlooking colorful fishing boats.

There are no amenities on the beach but you find restaurants and bars for drinks, food, and toilet.

Beach Seville - El Rompido

Aznalcóllar Lake

Finally, I’ll mention a completely different beach close to Seville – at a lake. Aznalcóllar Lake is one of the best-hidden gems in Seville province located at just a 45-minute drive from the city.

I actually just discovered this lake a couple of years ago when the van ran out of battery in Seville on a hot day and we had to drive to charge the battery, so why not look for a place to go for a swim?

There are several places to get to the water and as with most lakes in Andalucia, you can expect it to be a lot of plants in and around the water so I recommend wearing some sort of water shoes if you’re not used to walking barefoot on uneven ground.

Aznalcóllar Lake was truly a lovely surprise and we enjoyed swimming there in different occasions. The great thing about a lake is that you will always find a quiet place along the water front if you want privacy even on a busy day.

So if you want to cool down but prefer freshwater, why not head to the lake?

A calm day on Aznalcollar Lake surrounded by pine forest.

How to get to the beach from Seville

Here comes the big question: How to get to the beach from Seville? As I mentioned several times already, it’s easiest to reach the best beaches near Seville Spain by car.

That said, When I studied in Seville I didn’t have a car and took the bus to Matalascañas Beach near daily in the hot months (yes, I know, we only went to uni 2 weeks a month which equals 10 days, so there was plenty of time to play!)

I also took the train to Cadiz often which opens up for several beaches like La Caleta Beach, Playa Santa Maria del Mar, and others. So it’s not impossible.

In Spain, you can also download the BlaBlacar app which often have trips between Seville and the best beaches in Seville Spain’s nearby coast.

You might also take the bus to Huelva and find a Blablacar connection from there to places like Punta Umbria and El Rompido. I say this because either myself or friends have done this.

That said, if you only have one day on the beach, especially on a weekday, it might be risky to rely on Blablacar as the driver might cancel the trip for personal reasons.

Reflections on the best beaches near Seville Spain

There is no doubt there are beautiful beaches near Seville and if you’re looking for a way to refresh on a hot day, especially if you stay in Seville during summer, you’ll love visiting any of these epic beaches!

If you want to see the green side of Seville where you can cool down in summer, head to Sierra Norte de Sevilla where enchanting towns like San Nicolas del Puerto treat you with the only artificial beach in Seville Spain. There are also many refreshing river hikes covered in the shade of the lush green canopies above you.

Happy travels!

FAQ – Seville Spain beach holiday

Does Seville have a beach?

I often get asked if there are beaches in Seville. And no, there are no beaches in Seville Spain. It’s an inland city which is located just over an hour from the coast.

What is the nearest beach to Seville?

The nearest beach to Seville is Matasalcañas Beach in the province of Huelva, but you can also reach the urban beaches in Cadiz city in about the same time.

How far is Seville to the beach?

It is about 100 kilometers from Seville to Matalascañas Beach which is the closest beach.

Where do people from Seville go to the beach?

The locals in Seville mostly choose the beaches of Huelva and Cadiz in Costa de la Luz like Punta Umbria, Matalascañas, and Los Caños de Meca.