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Cala de San Pedro, Cabo de Gata – Is it worth visiting?

Cala de San Pedro Cabo de Gata

We looked confused around us as banging techno music came closer and closer. It didn’t fit the surroundings; The otherwise quiet beach of Cala de San Pedro, Cabo de Gata with only a few stoned travelers chilling by their tents, the waves smashing towards the beachfront, and a guy playing chilled tunes on his guitar […]

18 Wonderful things to do in Tarifa: Andalucia’s center for water activities

Getting to Tarifa and what to do

The popular Andalusian beach town of Tarifa is well known for its water activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, and so much more. Every year travelers flock to this paradisiacal corner of Andalucia to enjoy the wind in their hair, water activities, the bohemian atmosphere, and quaint old town. There are so many fun things to […]