Exactly Where to Find Free Parking in Malaga City in 2024

Finding free parking in Malaga can be quite a challenge, especially around the old town. Lucky for you, I’ve been driving to Malaga for years, and especially after swapping the car for a van, I’ve been more interested in parking for free.

While I mostly find spots in one place, which I’ll be sharing with you first because it’s so central and I still can’t believe there aren’t any blue lines there, I’ll also add a few other areas where you might find free parking spots.

So with no further ado, let’s dive into the best spots for free parking Malaga has to offer!

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Free parking in Malaga

Paseo de Los Curas

This is my favorite spot to park for free in Malaga and for some reason, I’ve always been lucky to find a spot. There’s a stretch on Paseo de Los Curas along Parque de Malaga where you can park along the road.

Just note that the parking spots closest to Calle Larios and furthest away from Centre Pompidou are restricted and some spots are reserved for motorbikes – but there are signs.

This parking spot is a couple of minutes walk to Malaga Old Town and across the street from Muelle Uno. You can reach Malagueta Beach in 5 minutes of walking.

free parking in Malaga

El Ejido neighborhood

El Ejido is a residential neighborhood that’s located behind the old town and where there are free parking spots on many streets. Just make sure you read the signs and ask if you’re unsure.

I’ve parked there a few times, but you’ll need to have patience, especially in the peak season as it’s a popular area to park.

With only a 10-minute walk to the historic center, this is a great place to park if you can find a spot!

free parking Malaga - El Ejido
El Ejido seen from Gibralfaro Castle

Around Jardines Picasso

Another place parked regularly when going to Malaga for years before exploring other areas is around the Jardines Picasso.

It used to be a lot of free parking there, but in the last couple of years when I’ve passed by, it’s been hard to find and some of the spots are now paid.

Nonetheless, it is possible to park along the road in this area – basically on the other side of the park than the city center. It’s only 15-20 minutes to walk from there to Mercado Central de Atarazanas.

La Victoria neighborhood

La Victoria is another residential neighborhood with free street parking. It’s located next to El Ejodo and behind Gibralfaro hill making it super central.

Also here, it can be hard to find parking in peak season, but not impossible. Always check the signs, because not all spots are for free.

free parking Malaga city - La Victoria
La Victoria neighborhood seen from Gibralfaro Castle

How do you know that parking is free in Malaga

If you can’t find parking in any of the above spots, you need to know if the parking spot you choose is free or not. Here are some easy guidelines to keep in mind.

If you’re unsure, I highly recommend asking someone (I usually ask shop owners if there are shops in the street.)

No lines: If no lines are on the road, it’s usually okay to park there, but be aware of signs stating otherwise.

White lines: Free parking

Blue lines: Paid parking, but might be for free after a certain time in the evening (it could be anything from 17:00 to 20:00 or 21:00) and on weekends (typically it can be for free from 14:00 on a Saturday until Monday morning.)

Yellow lines: Not allowed to park.

Finally, it’s good to know that any signs saying “Vado Permanente” (usually in front of private entrances) mean that it’s not allowed to park there – ever.

Again, whenever you’re unsure, ask someone! It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in a country where they’re not afraid of towing away your vehicle if it’s parked wrongly.

Conclusion: Free parking Malaga city

As you can tell, finding free parking in Malaga is fully possible, but it can be a bit of a hassle, especially in the peak season.

That said, I’ve even found free parking in the city center during the Malaga Fair in August, so nothing is impossible if you’re determined to save money on parking.

I hope this guide helped you and that you find a good free parking spot on your Malaga visit.

Happy travels!