12 Lovely things to do in Carmona, Seville on a day trip

Carmona, Seville, is one of the many stunning towns surrounding the Andalusian capital city. As one of the oldest towns in Andalucia, you can enjoy a mishmash of architectural styles and great things to do in Carmona, Spain.

Famed for its impressive city gates, Alcazar, and impressive Parador, Carmona boast ancient Roman archaeological finds and historical convents.

Walk through the narrow streets of Carmona and uncover 5000 years of history where impressive structures behind every corner tell the tale of the rulers and conquests that took place there throughout the centuries.

Carmona is one of the best day trips from Seville and should be added to any Andalucia itinerary. In this post, I’ll let you in on the best things to do in Carmona and everything you need to know to make it happen.

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Town of Carmona, Seville

How to get to Carmona

Carmona is only 30 kilometers outside Seville and usually it takes 20-30 minutes to drive depending on which part of the city you drive from.

Parking in Carmona is usually not a problem, I have always left my car on the free parking lot outside Puerta de Carmona, but I believe you can find parking along the streets outside Puerta de Sevilla too.

Driving time from other cities:

  • Cordoba to Carmona: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Cadiz to Carmona: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Malaga to Carmona: 2 hours
  • Huelva to Carmona: 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Granada to Carmona: 2 hours and 30 minutes

If you need a rental car, check availability and prices here.

If you travel by bus, you are looking at the same travel time. Buses depart from Plaza de Armas bus station in Seville. Check buses here.

You can also opt for a guided tour from Seville to Carmona including the necropolis. This is a great option if you want to avoid the hassle of public transport and want to get the most out of your day. You get pick up, sightseeing, and entrance tickets to the necropolis included.

Check availability here.

Carmona tourism

Where to stay in Carmona

There are many wonderful hotels in Carmona if you plan on staying over the night. I have listed up some great options here.

Parador de Carmona – situated in a 14th century Moorish fortress, it is hard to imagine a better place to stay. You can enjoy lovely breakfast with some of the best views in Carmona and walk the romantic courtyard. There is also an outdoor swimming pool where you can cool down on hot days.

Check availability here.

Alcázar de la Reina – another lovely hotel with beautiful rooms in an Almudéjar building. This hotel welcome your pets and has an outdoor pool, spa, and wellness center.

Check availability here.

Frenteabastos Hostel Suites Cafe – likely the best budget options if you are looking for a hotel in Carmona. They have an outdoor pool and roof terrace open in the summer months.

Check availability here.

Parador de Carmona Spain

Things to do in Carmona, Seville

There is a wealth of things to do in Carmona, Seville and while you can easily walk around the town and come across extravagant architecture and cute alleyways, there are a few things you should not miss out on.

Here is what to do in Carmona on a day trip so that you get the most out of your visit. Get ready to explore one of the most amazing towns near Seville.

Carmona Spain things to do

See Puerta de Sevilla

Puerta de Sevilla is one of the two remaining gates from the old city walls and in my opinion the most impressive. The gate is integrated into the Alcázar of Carmona which makes it look mightier.

But it was built already in the 9th century by the Carthaginians before the Romans reinforced it to the shape you see today. Yet, it has been altered multiple times after. In 1906 it was declared of Cultural Interest.

In Carmona, things to do would normally start with walking through one of the city gates.

Things to do in Carmona - Alcazar

Climb the Alcazar of Carmona

Built above the Gate of Seville, the Alcazar of Carmona boasts some of the best views of Carmona. The Alcazar of Carmona is one of the coolest castles in Andalucia even though it’s not sitting on a majestic hilltop like so many others.

The castle was built by the Tartessians and Carthaginians and reinforced by the Romans before the Moors came and kept improving its defense purposes. However, the biggest changes to the fortress were made in the 14th and 15th centuries.

In the 1970s, it was restored to use in cultural events and tourism. Today, the Carmona Spain tourism office is in the Alcazar.

The entry fee is 2 Euros, but it is free to enter on Mondays through and to my great surprise, dogs are allowed too, so Ayla got to come to explore with me.

Carmona things to do

Grab a coffee at Parador de Carmona

Even if you don’t stay the night or if you choose to stay in a different accommodation, the Parador de Carmona is the most scenic place to grab a coffee.

The sweeping views from the terrace are among the best you can get. It also means you get a peek inside the 14th-century Arab fortress.

While a quick visit is great in Parador de Carmona Spain, things to do could include a walk inside to take a picture of too too. This is also a nice place for lunch if you start to get hungry.

Parador in Carmona

Plaza de Abastos

The market square of Carmona Seville was built in the 19th century over the former Santa Catalina Convent. It is unique with its neoclassical arches that are similar to the ones you find in Castile.

While it was once a thriving marketplace, you can now take a break with a cold drink or a coffee in one of the restaurants and bars that are situated in the square.

Carmona restaurants on Plaza de Abasto

Puerta de Cordoba

Puerta de Cordoba is the second remaining city gate in Carmona. Built by the Romans, it was connected to Puerta de Sevilla through Via Augusta.

Archaeological evidence shows that it once was double the height with two levels and on each side, there were pedestrian arches. These were filled in due to political unrest in the 2nd century.

The gate has undergone multiple renovations since, and in 1985 it was declared of Cultural Interest. Today, you can drive through the gate to reach the old town.

Carmona what to do - Puerta de Cordoba

Visit the Priory Church of Santa Maria

The most important religious structure in Carmona is the imposing Priory Church of Santa Maria. Its beautiful clock tower is seen from all over the town.

The church was built in the 15th and 16th centuries on the site of a former mosque which was demolished after the reconquest.

The oldest and most beautiful part of it, in my opinion, is the Patio de los Naranjos inside. The church was declared of Cultural Interest in 1931.

What to do in Carmona - Priory Church of Santa Maria

Other pretty towns in Andalucia

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Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz
Cazorla, Jaen
Iznajar, Cordoba
Rute, Cordoba
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El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz
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Take in the views of the surrounding countryside

Surrounding Carmona, Andalucia’s breathtaking countryside spans for kilometers. Beautiful views meet you wherever you walk on the walls surrounding the town.

While you get great views from Parador de Carmona and the top of the castle, it is worth walking the road around Carmona to take in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Carmona Spain

Have lunch at Plaza de San Fernando

The main square in Carmona is super charming with houses from the 16th and 19th centuries. This is where you will see the local “abuelos” hanging out on the benches chattering, feeding the pigeons, and watching life go by.

For centuries, this has been the heart of Carmona’s happenings and social life, and during Julius Cesar’s rule, the Roman Forum in Carmo was at the exact same place.

As the center of Carmona, restaurants and bars are situated conveniently on the square so you can grab a tapas lunch with a beer.

Plaza de San Fernando Carmona Seville

Enter the Church of San Bartolome

Situated right inside the Gate of Seville, the Church of San Bartolomé is one of the many impressive churches in Carmona.

The rustic appearance of the clock tower easily attracts you from different parts of Carmona Spain, whether you’re on top of the Alcazar or walking the narrow streets.

Dating back to the end of the 15th century, the Church of San Bartolomé is built in a Gothic style and inside, you can see beautiful tiles next to a golden altar piece.

Things to do in Carmona Spain

Explore the Roman amphitheater and necropolis of Carmona

As one of the oldest towns in Spain, it is not surprising that you can find Roman archaeological finds right outside Carmona.

The Roman amphitheater of Carmona was discovered in 1885 and fully excavated nearly 100 years later. Today, it is situated right next to the necropolis where you can witness different tombs.

The most distinctive tombs are the Tomb of the Elephant, which took its name from a small elephant statue found inside the tomb, and the Tomb of Servillia, which seemingly belonged to one of the most wealthy families in ancient Carmona.

There is also a small museum near the archaeological remains and some of the relics found in the area are safely placed in Seville Archaeological Museum.

Tour one of the oldest Anis distilleries in Spain

Carmona is also home to one of Spain’s oldest Anis distilleries, dating back to 1880, Los Hermanos. Though Carmona is not as known for its anis as Rute in Cordoba, it is an important part of its history – and even Andalusian history.

Not only is the distillery historical, but it is built where there were once Roman baths and later Moorish mill. A tour of the Los Hermanos takes you through the history of the place, the history of anis production, and finally, the best part: Anis tasting!

Visiting Los Hermanos anis distillery is truly one of the top attractions Carmona tourism has up its sleeve.

Carmona Spain tourism - anis distillery

City Museum of Carmona

The City Museum of Carmona is situated in the impressive Palace of Marquis de las Torres in the heart of Carmona. The façade is one of the most stunning in Carmona and when you enter, you will uncover a lovely 16th-century courtyard.

The museum takes you through the history of Carmona from the prehistoric times until today showcasing interesting historical artifacts.

Opening hours:

1st of September to 15th of June: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-19:00 and Monday 11:00-14:00

16th of June to 31st of August: Monday to Sunday 10:00-14:00

Entry fee is 2.50 Euros and Tuesdays are free.

Carmona Andalucia City Museum

Reflections on what to do in Carmona, Andalucia

Carmona is undoubtedly an impressive town to visit with so much history and culture. You can easily spend a few days. I have usually gone on day trips or passed by for a few hours on a longer road trip but there is always something new to discover.

If you are staying longer than 3 days in Seville and want to explore some of the beautiful towns near Seville, Carmona is a great option that you won’t regret.

Happy travels!