How to Get Alcazaba Malaga Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to Malaga, you want to make sure you get to see all the top attractions, and the Alcazaba of Malaga is at the top of the list. Thus, getting Alcazaba Malaga tickets should be a top priority.

Especially if you only have one day in Malaga, you better make sure the day goes smoothly so you get to see everything you plan to.

After living in the area for many years, it’s safe to say I’ve visited Malaga’s Alcazaba several times and in this post, I’ve compiled all the tips and tricks on how to get Malaga Alcazaba tickets and the different ticket types.

The Alcazaba of Malaga was built in the 11th century by the Moors who used elements of the former Roman Theater that sits on the footend of the old walled town. It is by far one of the most impressive castles in Malaga and a visit is among the top things to do in Costa del Sol.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about getting the right tickets to the Alcazaba of Malaga.

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Malaga Alcazaba tickets


Alcazaba Malaga tickets
Views of the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro above it from the cathedral rooftop

Why you should book Malaga Alcazaba tickets

First things first. Is it actually necessary to book Malaga Alcazaba tickets in advance? Absolutely not.

Yet, I find it a lot more carefree to pre-book the tickets. Alcazaba Malaga is one of the most visited attractions in the city and queues to purchase tickets can be long.

If you already have tickets, you avoid the queues. Especially in the high season, weekends, and public holidays, it’s crowded. Basically, because going there, is one of the best things to do in Malaga!

If it’s your first time in Malaga, I also recommend taking a guided tour of the Moorish castle. It’s an incredible site with so much history which is truly worth learning more about on your visit. This is necessary to book in advance.

tickets Alcazaba Malaga

Alcazaba Malaga opening hours

Alcazaba Malaga opening hours are:

SUMMER (April 1 to October 31)
Monday to Sunday 09:00-20:00
Last entry: 19:15

WINTER (November 1 to March 31)
Monday to Sunday 09:00-18:00
Last entry 17:15

Alcazaba of Málaga tickets

Alcazaba Malaga ticket price

Regular tickets

The regular Alcazaba Malaga ticket price is €3.50. If you plan on visiting Gibralfaro too, which separately costs the same, you can purchase a joint ticket at the entry for €5.50.

Reduced tickets

There are also reduced Alcazaba tickets. Malaga’s magnificent citadel can be visited for €1.50 and €2.50 including Gibralfaro for certain groups of people.

The following are eligible for reduced tickets at the Malaga Castle (Alcazaba):

  • students
  • unemployed
  • retired
  • seniors (65+ years)
  • Disabled people (from 33%)

If you fall under any of these groups, make sure you bring documentation stating your eligibility for a reduced ticket and a valid ID.

If you’re not an EU citizen, I recommend bringing your passport as non-EU ID cards and driving licences might not be accepted.

Guided tour

The most popular ticket option is a guided tour. The regular prices are €10:00 and do not include Gibralfaro. Children under 6 years old go for free and between 6 and 15, there is a reduced price of €6.

The reduced price for adults is €8.

Alcazaba Malaga ticket

Free entrance

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be happy to know that visiting the Alcazaba can be one of the free things you can do in Malaga if you time it right.

Every Sunday after 14:00, Alcazaba Malaga entrance is free for everyone. Note, that the last entry is at 19:15 in summer and 17:15 in winter, so if you want to visit both the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, you gotta plan enough time for both.

Alcazaba tickets Malaga

How to get Alcazaba Malaga tickets

At the entrance

One way to purchase Alcazaba of Málaga tickets without a guide is at the ticket machines at the entrance. There, you can choose whether you want to get a single Alcazaba Malaga ticket or a joint ticket for Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.

You can choose the English language on the machine.


You can also purchase tickets online through the official website. They sell both single tickets to Alcazaba, Gibralfaro, and joint tickets to both monuments.

There are several third-party sites selling entrance to Alcazaba too, but they only offer guided tours. I’ll get back to that later.

My go-to sites are:

The pros about booking a guided tour online through one of these sites are that you get free cancellation up to 24 hours (no cancellation on the official site) before, and they have an app so you can keep all your entrance tickets and tours in one place making it easy to organize your itinerary.

Besides, you can access your tickets offline on your phone so there’s no need to print them out.

Alcazaba Malaga tickets online

Types of Alcazaba of Málaga tickets

General entrance ticket

General entrance tickets give access to the entire Alcazaba complex. They don’t include guides or audio guides. These can only be purchased at the door.

If you also plan to visit Gibralfaro Castle (I highly recommend that you do!) you can purchase a joint entrance ticket at the ticket machines at a reduced price.

Guided tours

If you want to take a guided tour, you can purchase it online before you go. I highly recommend this as it truly gives you an insight into the site’s history. Besides, solo travelers might find it to be a great way to meet other travelers.

I have been on a guided tour of the Alcazaba more than once and really enjoyed it every time. The guides were all very knowledgeable and friendly.

tickets to Alcazaba of Malaga

Joint tickets

There are also many joint tour options including other attractions like the Roman Theater, the Cathedral, or Gibralfaro.

These are great options if you plan on seeing more attractions on your trip to Malaga. There’s also a free cancellation policy of up to 24 hours before your tour which is handy in case your plans change.

Here are the most popular joint Alcazaba Malaga tickets (online purchase only):

tickets for Alcazaba Malaga Spain
Views of Malaga marina from the Alcazaba

Conclusion: How to get Alcazaba Malaga tickets

Summed up, I highly recommend getting tickets to the Alcazaba of Malaga before you go. It simply saves you time, especially in the high season and whenever cruise ships dock in Malaga.

If you can juggle your Malaga itinerary to go on a Sunday after 14:00, you get free entrance, but it’s also going to be crowded inside. That said, I’ve never really visited the Alcazaba stumbling into crowds of tourists.

No matter what you end up doing, I assure you that adding this highlight to your city itinerary will be a good choice.

Happy travels!